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Psychosoziale und Medizinische Rehabilitation

Selected Papers Open Access


Issue #101

Self-rating of capacity limitations in mental disorders: The “Mini-ICF-APP-S”

How shall I explain this to my boss? Experimental study on return-to-work consultation variants

Issue #103

What can and what cannot be concluded from patient-reported outcomes as a quality indicator in medical rehabilitation?


Issue #105

Is there a comorbid mental disorder? Documentation of mental health conditions in medical reports from somatic rehabilitation hospitals

Issue #107

Psych-Fit for Future? The Role of Soft Skills in Academic and Professional Education

Capacity-Job-Fit: Operationalisation of the psychological person-job-fit with the Mini-ICF-APP capacity dimensions


Issue #109

Fit for Work under Conditions of Security or Scope of Action? – It depends… An Experimental Study

Issue #110

The different social stressors vilification, humiliation, and breach of trust lead to similar psychological consequences


Issue #116

Often overlooked?! The Body Dysmorphic Disorder and the Olfactory Reference Disorder

Parallel recording of psychotherapy side effects by patient and therapist in routine as well as training therapies by means of the "UE-PT scale"

Induction of embitterment by information about historical relations between neighboring countries – an experimental study


Issue #118

Subjective Wisdom and Wisdom Attitudes over the Course of a Short Wisdom Training

Wisdom therapy group manual