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"Preventing Sexual Violence through Effective Sexual Offender Treatment and Public Policy"

10th Conference of the International Association for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders (IATSO)
August 27-30, 2008



Leuprorelin allergy as a side effect of chemical castration and, as a consequence, the discussion about surgical castration
R. U. Aschwanden, A. Ermer

The impressive effectiveness of chemical castration with Leuprorelin on a homosexual sadistic and schizoid sexual murderer with elimination of the previously dominating sadistic thoughts and drive
R. U. Aschwanden, A. Ermer

There are no secrets in long term treatment efficacy: A Western Canadian experience
A. S. Aylwin, L. H. Studer

Personality characteristics of sex offenders: How intractable are they?
A. S. Aylwin, L. H. Studer

Drug problems among adolescent sexual offenders - Implications for the Management
D. Antonio Baltieri, A. Guerra de Andrade

Symposium on women sexual offenders: Female sexual abusers: A comparison with men who sexually abuse children
R. Beckett

Symposium on women sexual offenders: Assessing female sexual offenders’ motivations and cognitions: An exploratory study
A. Beech

Changes in attachment in a young violent sex offender. A therapeutic case history
O. H. Bendiksby

Development, implementation and evaluation of a treatment programme for incarcerated rapists in a South African context
L. B. Bergh

Practical aspects in the biomedical treatment of sexual offenders
W. Berner, P. Briken

An integrated treatment programme for sex-offenders. What happens after release from prison?
W. Berner, N. Habermann

The implicit theories of rape prone men
E. Blake

Assessment of Risk and Manageability for Individuals with Developmental, Intellectual, or Learning Limitations who Offend (ARMIDILLO)
D. P. Boer

"Gangsterism” and Sexual Violence
D. P. Boer, A. Presse, J. Van Rensburg

The Offender Sexual Assault Protocol for the reduction and management
of male rape in South African correctional centres
K. Booyens

Sex education for incarcerated men in a prison in Florencio varela, Argentina
I. Boschi

How police interviewers can assist sex offenders to provide accounts
R. Bull

Existing measures aimed at restricting the use of the internet as an
avenue to initiate sexual activities with adolescents
L. Campher

Symposium on women sexual offenders: Assessing and treating women who sexually offend: What do we know and what do we still need to know
F. Cortoni

Developing empathy: The psychological treatment of young sexual offenders in Brazil
M. C. De Oliveira, S. P. Rigonatti

A study of adult intimate relationships and sexual dysfunction as indicators of risk in a population of men who have sexually abused children
J. de Volder, P. Walsh

Sentencing with the purpose to treat sexual offenders - success rates
D. Dosio

The role of the prosecution versus the magistracy in eradicating drug abuse and the treatment of sexual offenders with specific reference to methamphetamine usage by gangs in the Western Cape
D. Dosio, P. Smith

Alcohol use does not impair male age-estimation of female faces
V. Egan, G. Cordan

Implementing a National Sexual Offender Rehabilitation Program for Incarcerated Sexual Offenders
R. Eher

The role of childhood sexual abuse in sex offending
J. Endrass

Marital rape among socially deprived women of a developing country
M. Farid, S. Saleem

Induction of illegal sexual behaviour as side effect of antipsychotic treatment?
A. Frei

The Danish Sexual Offender Treatment and Research Program (DASOP). "The Danish Model” Implementing a preparatory program for sexual offenders in the Penal Treatment Institution at Herstedvester
M. Fuglestved

The socio-cultural context of sexual offending in South Africa: Are we all products of rape?
R. Fuller, C. Ngwane, A. Pino

Symposium on women sexual offenders - Overview
T. Gannon

Symposium on women sexual offenders: Offence-related interpretative
bias in female child molesters
T. Gannon, M. Rose

Symposium on women sexual offenders: A descriptive offence chain
model for women sexual offenders
T. Gannon, M. Rose, T. Ward

Sexual violence in South African men’s prisons: dynamics and consequences
S. Gear

Diagnosing inmates for psychosexual rehabilitation and treatment in Malaysian prisons
G. Ayu Mat Saat

Risk assessment and management of high-risk sex offenders in Switzerland by interdisciplinary boards using the method of structured professional judgement
M. Graf, N. Händel, V. Dittmann

The Danish Sexual Offender Treatment and Research Program (DASOP). "The Danish Model” Group treatment of sexual offenders
E. Grahn

Developmental pathways and recidivism in juvenile sexual homicide perpetrators
N. Habermann, A. Hill, W. Berner, P. Briken

Evaluation of the Hamburg Project for children and adolescents who are at risk for sexual offending
N. Habermann, A. Spehr, P. Briken

The influence of actuarial risk and denial on sexual recidivism
L. Harkins, A. R. Beech, A. M. Goodwill

The use of pharmacotherapy with high-risk sex offenders
K. Harrison

Juvenile sex offenders: differences in recidivism of treated and untreated offenders
J. Hendriks, C. Bijleveld

Restorative Justice as a challenge to traditional legal strategies in sex offending cases
K. Hermstad

Psychosomatics, dependency and sadism - Chances and limitations of forensic psychotherapy
K. Hoffmann, T. Ross, T. Kluttig

Intermediary services for child witnesses testifying in criminal court proceedings in South Africa
G. J. Jonker

Giving account: A study of Irish Roman catholic clergy who have sexually abused minors
M. Keenan

The impact of clerical and seminary culture on Irish Roman catholic clergy who have sexually abused minors
M. Keenan

Pornography’s influence on sexual offending: Important moderating factors
D. A. Kingston, P. Firestone, P. Fedoroff, W. L. Marshall

The manualisation of persons or the personalisation of manuals
R. J. Konopasky, D. Millar

Should psychologists ever change reports: Ethical, legal issues and guidelines
R. J. Konopasky, A. W. B. Konopasky

The Danish Sexual Offender Treatment and Research Program (DASOP). "The Danish Model” Structure of the Danish Sexual Offender Treatment Program
E. Kristensen

Presentation of the accreditated ROS program (Na SOTP in Sweden)
E. Kwarnmark, B. Hasselrot, H. Harnesk

Presentation of the accreditated ROS program (Na SOTP in Sweden): VICTIM GATEWAY
E. Kwarnmark, B. Hasselrot, H. Harnesk

Towards an understanding of muti murder: Human body parts for traditional medicine
G. Labuschagne

Relational perspectives and results in psychological treatment of sex offenders
T. Langfeldt

The Danish Sexual Offender Treatment and Research Program (DASOP). "The Danish Model” Treatment in cognitive start groups
M. Larsen, C. Refshammer

The Danish Sexual Offender Treatment and Research Program (DASOP) "The Danish Model” Motivation for change and treatment of sexual offenders
T. Lillebæk

Childhood sexual offences: Neurobiological and clinical consequences
J. R. of Silva Lippi

A descriptive analysis of child sex offender in Cape Town, South Africa
M. P. Londt, N. Roman 

The Dangerous Prisoner (Sex Offender) Act 2003. Dilemmas, conflicts and concerns: A practitioner’s perspective
L. Madsen

Root cause driven prevention
T. Majokweni

Psychosexual education for young sexual offenders - An integrated treatment approach for juveniles in a child and adolescent psychiatric outpatient clinic in Zurich, Switzerland
M. Manetsch, C. Bessler

Reducing risk for reoffending
B. Marshall

The treatment of "categorical denial” in sexual offenders
L. E. Marshall, M. D. O’Brien, W. L. Marshall, G. A. Serran

Sexual addiction in sexual offenders: Prevalence and correlates
L. E. Marshall

Operating a unit for mentally disordered sexual offenders
L. E. Marshall, W. L.Marshall, J. M.W. Bradford, B. Booth

The benefits of an "open” or "rolling” approach to running sexual offender treatment programs
L. E. Marshall, M. D. O’Brien, W. L. Marshall, G. A. Serran

Evaluating sexual offender management in Austria’s Correctional system
A. Matthes, R. Eher

The effectiveness of restorative justice systems
A.-M. McAlinden

Development of the Multi-Agency Sex Offender Risk Assessment and Risk Management (MASRAM) Arrangements in Northern Ireland
W. J. McAuley

Internet offenders - a "new” offender category?
H. L. Merdian, C. Calkins Mercado, R. Egg, D. P. Boer

The contribution of age to risk-related findings in phallometry
H. L. Merdian, D. T. Jones, J. Looman, D. P. Boer

Sexual states of mind: sexual redning, sexual offending and sexual meding
D. Millar 

Drugs, sex, and aggression: The association between substance use, abuse, and sexual aggression
M. H. Miner 

The use of psychometrics for treatment planning of sexual offenders in prison
M. Baki Maat Sat

Reframing Sexual Violence through discourses of culture and modernity
B. Moolman

Until death us do part? Homicide risk in intimate partner sex offenders
W. Morgan, E. Gilchrist 

Cultural issues and myths among juvenile offenders
J. Mostert 

Preventing sexual violence through effective sexual offender treatment and public policy
M. Mpanza

Integrated sex offender treatment: What the sex offenders say works in THEIR treatment
N. Muldoon, G. Moane, G. O’Reilly

Difficulties and differences when treating adults who rape as apposed to paedophiles
V. M. Mvandaba-Kokong 

Research: The life experience of adolescent sexual offender: Factors within the family that contribute to offending behaviours
L. K. Naidoo

The Impact of culture of sexual offending
T. D. Payne

Sexual Offender Treatment: Its scope, its power, and its benefits for society
F. Pfäfflin

Castrating human rights: A rights based approach to the use of anti-libidinal suppressants with high-risk sex offenders
B. Rainey, K. Harrison

The standardized prediction of sexual motivated hands-on reoffenses of convicted sexual offenders
M. Rettenberger, R. Eher

Ethical issues in the treatment of adolescent sex offenders
K. Riar, M. Hediger, E. Murphy

Enhancing community collaboration to stop sexual harm by youth
J. Schladale 

An analysis of the phenomena of child on child abuse
S. Omar 

The management of young male sexual offenders: A teddy bear clinic model for intervention
S. Omar 

Training educators to deal with the sexual abuse of school children
S. Omar 

The comparisons among treated, non-treated sexual offenders, and general population in Taiwanese samples: What they have learned from therapy?
S.-A. Shen, K.-Y. Ding, M.-F. Wu 

Childhood sexual abuse experiences of female student teachers in Zimbabwe
A. Shumba, A. H. Makura, P. Gwirayi 

Management of child sexual abuse cases by female school heads in Zimbabwe
A. Shumba, A. H. Makura, P. Gwirayi 

Understanding and responding to sexual offending by youth in remote Australian indigenous communities
S. Smallbone, S. Rayment-McHugh, S. Addison 

Evaluation of sex offender treatment in the Netherlands: A quasi experimental study
W. Smid, D. van Beek 

Sexual homicide perpetrators: A comparison of child versus adult victims
A. Spehr, A. Hill, N. Habermann, P. Briken, W. Berner 

The content of an intervention program for incarcerated rapists
H. Strydom, K. van der Berg 

Mentoring sexual brokenness among offenders in South African
correctional facilities: A Pretoria (tswane) case study
G. Swanepoel, J. W. Grobler 

Thirty year follow-up of recidivism
R. E. Swinburne Romine, S. M. Dwyer, D. Finstad 

Sibling incest: Characteristics and dynamics of adolescent sibling incest offenders compared to non-sibling sex offenders
I. Tidefors 

More harm than good: Sex offender laws in the US
S. Tofte 

Penile Plethysmography - 50th Anniversary: Useful diagnostic tool or illusion?

Intellectually disabled offenders: Risk factors and recidivism after
J. van Horn, J. Mulder 

Work with children who are sexually aggressive: An overview of policy
and legislation supporting the treatment of children and an overview of
a treatment programme designed to meet the requirements of Law and Policy
J. van Niekerk, L. Naidoo 

Professionals as sex-offenders. Assessment and treatment. Differences
and similarities between South Africa and Europe
J. van Niekerk, W. Tschan 

Sexual offenders on the admission ward: Theoretical taxonomy and practical relevance
F. von Franqué, T. Rewicki 

Treating sexual offenders within multiple prison and community sites: Putting theory into practice
J. Ware 

Rape and child sexual abuse in the Czech Republic: Results of three representative studies
P. Weiss 

Notes from a small island: An exploration of the offending process in
the use of internet child pornography & its relationship to contact
offending in the UK
A. White 

Agency, relatedness, inner peace and problem-solving in sexual
offending: How sexual offenders prioritise and operationalise their
Good Lives conceptions
J. L. Wood, G. D. Barnett 

The need to build a just society
L. Yengopal 

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