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The Desire to Lead - Improved by Critical Self Reflection

Leadership development primarily depends on self-critical reflection. That is only possible if a certain openness and readiness to learn is provided - but self reflection is not always easy. With his now published Leadership Letters Dr. Felix Frei (Zürich) developed a tool that may not be able to replace critical self reflection either, but can contribute to it by stimulating thought.

"The desire to lead comprises the following parts: lighting a flame and keeping it burning, giving and spreeding energy, creating new things and changing others, enabling people to achieve more, succeeding and accepting defeats, getting further and obtaining acceptance, standing in the spotlight and enjoying the applause, getting one´s way and taking responsibility for the consequences of one´s actions, dealing with change and furthering improvement, testing the limits of reality and still being thrilled about the infinity of possibilities."

The psychologist and consultant emphasizes: "If you cannot find it in you to be interested in all the shades and peculiarities of people, the variety of characters, the kaleidoscope of similarities and differences, the exciting and the boring, the real and the fake, the likeable and the disgusting, the smart and the dumb - if you do not like exactly all those aspects that make people human, you will NOT enjoy leading people, even if you do like being the boss ..."


33 Führungsbriefe/33 Leadership Letters
Frei, Felix