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Shortterm physical exercise improves concentration

A shortterm exercise program consisting of mobilizing and coordinative movements has a positive influence on the performance of concentration. The correlation between performance of concentration and alpha-power assumes an influence of acute exercise on cognition, Andrea Geipel (Technical University Munich) reports.

"A large number of studies postulate a beneficial relationship between physical activity and cognition. The aim of our study was to investigate the effects of a short-term exercise program on behavioral and neuroelectric measurements.
Method: 28 subjects took part in this study. The experimental group carried a short-term exercise program before and after conducting the d2, a performance test for concentration, meanwhile the control group was allowed to read through magazines. During the whole experiment EEG-data was recorded.
Results: Performance on the d2-test was significantly influenced by the short-term exercise program. Additionally, the sportive subjects showed significantly higher performance of concentration than non-sportive. EEG assessment showed significant positive correlations between the alpha-rhythm and the performance of concentration at parietal and occipital electrodes of the right hemisphere and significant negative correlations at similar electrodes of the left hemisphere ..."

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