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Qualitative Psychotherapy Research: meaningful, exciting, coherent

"Qualitative therapy research is a diverse set of practices that express - in one way or another - the hermeneutic engagement in the complexity of human experience. It is an engagement that entails risks because it cuts across the grain of academic psychology and, going with it, of conventional psychotherapy research," David Rennie and Jörg Frommer emphasize.

"It is also an engagement the returns from which are just now beginning to become evident. Regardless of the work it entails and the risk it runs, it is meaningful, exciting and, within its own framework, coherent. If current trends are any indication, these qualities are proving enough to carry it forward."
"In the history of theory and practice of psychotherapy, it has been clinicians in effect operating as hermeneuts, such as Freud, who have had the greatest influence. It is the freedom to interpret human experience and conduct in terms of how they appear, while either eschewing or emancipating from the natural scientific method, that has made it so ..."


Qualitative Psychotherapy Research – Methods and Methodology
Frommer, J.; Rennie, D.L. (Eds.)