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Psychology Test and Assessment Modeling: New linguistic measure instrument of personality

Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling 2022-2

Psychologists in Austria develop and examine a measure instrument of personality based on quantitative text analysis. They use linguistic markers that have been shown to be related to the Big-Five personality traits and define a linguistic model of personality based on these findings.

Christina Glasauer and Rainer W. Alexandrowicz report in "Psychological Text and Assessment Modeling": "The linguistic model´s usefulness in personality assessment is investigated by analyzing reliability and validity of the proposed procedure. After gathering personal texts and conventional measures of the Big Five of N=124, we processed text using LIWC and analyzed data in structural equation approach. Especially the linguistic scales of the dimensions Extraversion, Conscientiousness, and Agreeableness showed satisfying model fits. Neuroticism, Conscientiousness, and Openness showed promising convergence with traditional measures of personality. The results emphasize the potential of the quantitative text analytical approach to personality assessment and provide indications for future adaptions of the instrument."

C. Glasauer, R. W. Alexandrowicz: The Big-Five between the Lines. Approaching quantitative operationalization of text analytical personality assessment using linguistic markers. In: Psychology Test and Assessment Modeling. Volume 64, 2022 (2) 186-210