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Coaching and training manual: How to become a healthy and competent transcultural manager

A coaching-manual describes ways to becoming a healthy and successful transcultural manager. It guides through the topics of health and sense of coherence, transcultural competencies and identities, managing conflicts across cultures, and systemic perspectives and practices in organizations. The authors are well experienced coaches: Prof. Dr. Claude-Helene Mayer and Dr. Christian Martin Boness. All the theoretical information and practical exercises may provide the reader with ideas on how to cope with managerial responsibilities in a salutogenetic and enjoyable way.

In the manual, the following aims are important:

- Explaining and exploring health, wellbeing, health promoting and salutogenesis; transcultural leadership competences; transcultural conflict management

- Elaborating personal feelings, needs and value orientations and their connection to socio-cultural norms and values as well as personal behavior

- Reflecting the subjective understanding of health and well-being, health, cultural conflict management concepts and their impact on organisational settings

- Training the "salutogenetic perspective" in management and leadership

- Empowering transcultural leadership competences: the ability to change cultural perspectives and improve transcultural knowledge and understanding, feel and adjust emotions and adapt behaviour and behaviour patterns

- Reflecting the personal sense of coherence and developing preparedness to gain experiences that empower the individual with a sense of coherence and well-being

- Improving well-being on the physical, psychological and mental health levels through cognitive, affective and behavioural-oriented training

The coaching and training manual targets employees and particularly managers and leaders of all kind of organisations, such as economic, educational, social and ecclesiastical organisations. The managers and leaders are expected to be particularly challanged by the complex and international work environment and requirements of (post-)modern organisations.


Claude-Helene Mayer, Christian Martin Boness: Creating mental health across cultures - Coaching and training for managers.
Pabst, 274 pages, Paperback ISBN 978-3-89967-839-0


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