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Applying multiple indices to monitor bullying longitudinally

Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling: Japanese Scientists demonstrate the multiple ways to monitor the condition of bullying in a whole school level as well as year group and class levels by using traditional index of the change in number of reported bullying/victimization, in conjunction with new indices of the bully/victim ratio and the number of helpless victims.

"The study showed that along with the traditional index, by applying these new indices to monitor the prevalence and severity of bullying in different levels, we managed to have alternative views for the interpretation of the condition which enable schools and teachers to detect certain units of students that might face with a more serious situation than others, and this in turn enables them to detect and to intervene those silent helpless victims.

Along with the monitoring of the condition of bullying in different levels, antibullying activities were implemented by the student committee to raise antibullying attitudes among students as well as teachers and other school staffs, and it was also examined how this affects the condition of bullying. Although the antibullying activities were conducted on a whole-school basis, there were considerable differences in its effects between classes and year groups, which may due to the time and effort students put into the activities..."

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