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Using Simulations for Education, Training and Research

During simulation-based training, people (instructors as well as participants) interact with one another, the equipment and the environment in a goal-oriented way. The social character of simulation influences how, and what meaning, the people involved assign to the simulation: do they focus on the potentials of simulation or the boundaries? Do they accept the simulation as a learning setting, relevant for their daily tasks, or do they feel that it has nothing to offer them?
This book looks at using simulation, focusing on acute medical care settings but also looking beyond this thematic framework. Drawing on theoretical frameworks and empirical data, the authors describe how simulation can be used for the analysis of training needs, as well as designing and conducting goal-oriented and ecologically valid simulation settings.
The book is aimed at researchers and practitioners who are interested in improving their use of simulation by basing their practice on sound theoretical underpinnings and empirically derived optimising strategies. The content addresses different forms and settings of simulation and simulation tools used.


Theo Wehner & Tanja Manser:
Preface to the publication series "Work Research Multidisciplinary”

Part I

Peter Dieckmann:
The use of simulations from different perspectives: a preface

Peter Dieckmann, Tanja Manser, Marcus Rall & Theo Wehner:
On the ecological validity of simulation settings for training and research in the medical domain

Part II

Peter Dieckmann:
Simulation settings for learning in acute medical care

Part III

Sven De Weerdt, Johan Hovelynck & Art Dewulf:
A closer look at learning in and around simulations: a perspective of experiential learning

Klaus Mehl:
Simulation as a tool for training and analysis

Ericka Johnson:
Extending the simulator: Good practice for instructors using medical simulators

Arne Rettedal:
Illusion and technology in medical simulation: If you cannot build it, make them believe

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2009, 220 pages, ISBN 978-3-89967-539-9, Price: 25,- Euro