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The EULOD Project Living Organ Donation in Europe - Results and Recommendations

The project on ‘Living Organ Donation in Europe’ (EULOD) was a Coordination Action, funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission from 2010-2012. It aimed to establish an inventory of living donation practices in Europe, explore and promote living donation as a way to increase organ availability, and develop tools that improve the quality and safety of living organ donations in Europe. The project had a broad European coverage with a specific focus on new EU Member States. Eleven institutions from ten European countries were involved. EULOD drew upon the support, knowledge and network of the European platform on Ethical, Legal and Psychosocial Aspects of Organ Transplantation (ELPAT) and the European Society for Organ Transplantation (ESOT).

Frederike Ambagtsheer and Willem Weimar

A. Lennerling, C. Lovén, F. Dobbels, N. Duerinckx, A. Pascalev, N. Codreanu, M. Frunza, W. Zuidema, F. Ambagtsheer, F. Dor, W. Weimar
Living Organ Donation in Europe - Clinical Praxis

A. Pascalev, Y. Krastev, A. Ilieva
Expanding Living Organ Donation in Europe: Attitudes, Barriers and Opportunities. Results from a Multi-country Focus Group Study

A. Pascalev, Y. Krastev, A. Ilieva
Ethical Analysis of the Arguments for and against Living Organ Donation

L. Lopp
Analysing the Core Normative Arguments that Dominate the Policy Arena about Necessity and Legitimacy of Legal Restrictions in Living Donor Transplantation

L. Lopp
Best Practice Proposal: Legal Safeguards For Living Organ Donation in Europe in Consideration of the Current National Regulations

J. Sándor, V. Beširević, E. Demény, G. Tudor Florea, N. Codreanu
Organ Trafficking, Organ Trade. Recommendations for a more Nuanced Legal Policy

2013, 184 pages, ISBN 978-3-89967-858-1, price: 20,- Euro