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The Decision-Oriented Interview (DOI) as a Selection Interview

Contributors: Oliver Brust, Hagen Flehmig, Carmen Hagemeister, Marie-Luise Kluck, Anna Koch, Claudia Liebert, Anne Schurz, Michael B. Steinborn, Anja Strobel, Karl Westhoff

The DOI as a toolkit. The Decision-Oriented Interview (DOI) integrates all empirically validated findings of research into the interview process. The DOI can be implemented in a range of forms. It can be used to emulate all scientifically proven forms of selection interview for quantifying a candidate's degree of proficiency. As an in-depth interview, it enables comprehensive qualitative information about the subject to be collected. As an oral exam, it ensures fair, objective and valid examination of the examinee.

Theory and empirical studies. Key research findings on structured selection interviews are presented in an informative and concise way, and the specific features of the proficiency assessment interview formats - the Situational Interview, the Behavior Description Interview, and the Multimodal Interview - are described in practical terms.

Planning the DOI. The presentation of how to use the DOI is oriented to the procedural steps of the proficiency assessment process. Step-by-step explanations are given of clarification of the assignment, analysis of the a priori strategy, the job and work analysis, and also of the Behavior Equation of Decision-Oriented Assessment along with its practical and helpful checklists. A review of the basic requirements towards the interviewer in a Decision-Oriented Interview is followed by detailed comments on how to prepare a DOI. Since the questions in the interview play such a key role, easy-to-follow descriptions are given of the pertinent types of questions. The main task of an interviewee in a DOI is to describe events. This book informs the interviewer about which facets of events have practical relevance for accurate prediction of behavior. A step-by-step explanation is provided for the design  of interview guides for the DOI as an in-depth interview, and example interview guides for a range of client's questions are used to illustrate the DOI procedure.

Execution and evaluation of the DOI. This book provides practical descriptions of the conditions for the successful execution and evaluation of a DOI as an in-depth interview for the purpose of proficiency assessment. The assessment procedure for a DOI is illustrated by means of several practical examples.
The DOI as an oral examination. This book recommends a useful procedure for all kinds of oral examinations. The DOI-based approach relates the subject matter to be mastered by the candidates to the demands of the next stage of their study or to the demands of the real world of professional practice. In this way, truly fair, objective and valid oral exams are rendered possible.

Checklists. The tried-and-tested checklist approach of Decision-Oriented Assessment (DOA) provides help and support in all stages of a DOI. This book includes a practical collection of relevant checklists.
DIPA. The DIPA tool for the description of interviewer competence in proficiency assessment is presented. This tool enables interviewers to accurately assess their strengths and weaknesses and to identify the areas that need to be improved. Regular use of the DIPA can be expected to secure a higher level of quality in selection interviews.

This book is for:

  • Selection interviewers;
  • Line managers who want to evaluate specialist competence in an interview;
  • Candidates, participants in an assessment center or development center; 
  • Examiners in oral examinations;
  • Candidates who have to take oral examinations.

2013, 145 pages, ISBN 978-3-89967-816-1, price: 20,- Euro, availabe at only