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Snapshots of social drug research in Europe

Globalisation influences not only legitimate economic sectors, but also affects developments on the illicit drug market and the proportion of those in treatment who are members of minority ethnic populations. In a rapidly changing world, the need for information increases accordingly. Here, then, emerges an important task for science, especially in the light of the European endeavour for evidencebased drug policy. Recent years show an almost exponential increase in the use of online data collection and analysis in social drug research and, in some European countries faster than in others, research ethic committees have come to play an important role in social drug research.
The usual format of the European Society for Social Drug Research’s annual book is 8-10 chapters, but this year the choice has been made to incorporate a greater number of short contributions, in the form of 21 ‘snapshots’, written by social scientists working in 11 European countries.


New developments and current debates in social drug research: an introduction
Dirk J. Korf

Part 1: Drug distribution

A case study of upper-level dealing
Meropi Tzanetakis

Low-level drug distribution in Antwerp: a case study
Eline d’Huyvetter & Tom Decorte

Social supply among socially integrated drug users
Christiane Bernard

Social supply and hard drug markets
Gary R. Potter & Aleksandra Osiniagova

Part 2: Drug use and treatment among minority ethnic populations

Questioning differential drug treatment among nationally diverse populations
Joanna Tsiganou & Dionyssis Balourdos

Ethnic- and gender-specific patterns of substance use
Annemieke Benschop & Alberto Oteo Pérez

Immigrant drug users in Greece: an empirical study
Katerina Micha & Natalia Spyropoulou

Dual devalued identities among immigrant drug users in treatment
Katerina Iliou & Katerina Tsantila

Part 3: Science-policy nexus

The triangle of science, policy and media in the Belgian drug policy debate
Julie Tieberghien

The challenge of setting regulations for new psychoactive compounds
Constantinos Pistos & Chara Spiliopoulou

Raising the minimum age for coffee shop customers: effect on prevalence
Marije Wouters

A case study of social reintegration policy
Ismini Gourgiotou

A therapeutic ethos in drug felonies: the genesis of drug courts
Mette Irmgard Snertingdal

A study of a Swedish treatment policy reform proposal
Jessica Storbjörk

The drug dispositive: reflections on the science-policy nexus
Alfred Springer

Part 4: Research methods

Social supply: methods of data collection
Marieke Vlaemynck

The potentialities of online mixed method school-based drug research
Stefania Kalogeraki

Self-portraits of reintegration: the use of visual methods in addictions research
Susana Henrique & Pedro Candeias

Part 5: Ethical dilemmas

Willing informants
Mette Kronbæk

Research ethics in committees and practice: responding to the challenges
Aileen O’Gorman

How honest can you be as a researcher?
Rafaela de Quadros Rigoni

2014, 80 pages, ISBN 978-3-89967-911-3, price: 15,- Euro