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Qualitative Psychotherapy Research - Methods and Methodology

2nd, revised edititon

Qualitative psychotherapy research has a long past but a short history. In this informative volume of contributions by leading European and Anglo-American researchers, with the former focusing on the psychoanalytic interview as an unrecognized early and powerful form of qualitative research, and the latter on approaches such as grounded theory and types of discourse analysis, the volume both covers and extends the range of qualitative therapy research inquiry. Throughout, attention is paid to methodology as well as methods, in the interest of defining the principles and standards governing this approach.
With most of the contributors being psychotherapists themselves, their writings are deeply contextualized in therapeutic practice. This book thus holds interest for researchers and practitioners alike, especially in terms of the ways it offers of closing the well-known gap between them.

2006, 208 Seiten, ISBN 3-935357-74-5, Preis: 24,- Euro