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Pay and Reward Systems in Organizations - Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Outcomes

The papers in this book adress crucial questions of reward management: How should the reward mix be determined? How should expatriate compensation packages be designed? Should talent be payed independent of performance? How does culture influence the implementation of pay for  performance? Do extrinsic rewards motivate experts to transfer their knowledge to novices? How can work-life balance accounts be used as an element of total compensation?  Sound theoretical analyses and case studies provide answers to these questions. They offer valuable implications for managerial practice and develop promising avenues for further research in the field of reward management.


Jonathan Chapman, Clare Kelliher:
Reward Mix Conceptualisation and Determination: A Review of the Literature

Christelle Tornikoski:
Expatriate Compensation: A Theoretical Approach

Marco Celentani, Rosa Loveira: Talent vs Performance-Based Managerial Pay

Biljana Bogicevic Milikic:
Introducing Performance-based Reward Systems within Collectivistic National Cultures

Laurent Sié, Ali Yakhlef:
Motivation to Knowledge Transfer: Self-Determination Theory

Lars W. Mitlacher:
Work-life Balance Accounts and Total Compensation - An Analysis of the Regulation of Work-life Balance Accounts in Collective Agreements in Germany

2011, 168 pages,  ISBN 978-3-89967-725-6, Price: 20,- Euro