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New Issues in Experimental and Applied Psychology - A Festschrift for Alf Zimmer

The volume "New Issues in Experimental and Applied Psychology: A Festschrift for Alf Zimmer" presents an up-to-date summary of research findings in experimental psychology and applied research topics. Leading researchers in the area of cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology, educational and applied psychology present their findings in the context of on-going research programs. The unifying theme builds on the pioneering work of Alf Zimmer, Professor emeritus for General and Applied Psychology of the University of Regensburg, whose work provided the basis for many of the experimental approaches used in this field. The book covers topics related to the neural foundations of conscious and unconscious control of behavior, episodic memory and forgetting, mental models of situation awareness and driving, neurocognitive approaches to workload research, elderly drivers and their need for in-vehicle assistance, the evaluation of tools for web-based learning, neuroscientific approaches to graphomotor research, as well as to the neural adaptations that occur during learning. This Festschrift provides an excellent introduction to current research in these different areas with a strong focus on the contributions from the University of Regensburg and cooperating institutions. 


Gerhard Roth
Conscious and Unconscious Control of Behavior

Karl-Heinz Bäuml
How Retrieval Shapes Episodic Memories

Josef F. Krems, Martin R. K. Baumann
Driving and Situation Awareness: A Cognitive Model of Memory-Update Processes

Mark W. Greenlee, Michael Schrauf, James P. Thomas
Neurocognitive Approach to Research on the Effects of Workload

Christhard Gelau
Elderly Drivers’ Needs for Support at Intersections

Hermann Körndle, Susanne Narciss, Antje Proske
Developing and Evaluating Tools for Web-based Learning and Instruction

Klaus W. Lange, Thomas A. Sontag, Dorota Stasik, Lara Tucha, Oliver Tucha
Graphomotor Research in Experimenteal and Applied Neuroscience

Hans Gruber, Jörg Marienhagen, Eckart Altenmüller
Physiological and Neural Adaptations during the Acquisition of Expertise

2009, 236 pages, ISBN 978-3-89967-564-1, Price: 25,- Euro