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Migration, Integration, and Health: The Danube Region

In the last two decades we have been confronted with new countries and altered maps in Europe with border changes, resettlements, ethnic cleansing, and migration. This migration has profoundly coloured the life of past European generations in the Danube region and beyond, it has affected our own lives, and will be part of the experience of our children.
In the face of these dramatic changes in Europe, this anthology with theoretical and empirical chapters on migrants, displacement processes, integration, and social as well as health effects offers a comprehensive perspective on moving populations, particularly in South-East Europe along the Danube.
The historical, sociological, psychological, ethnographic, political and health topics try to present a comprehensive approach to studying contemporary migration flows within Europe. In conclusion, this book, with diverse issues covered by authors from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds, will be a contribution towards better understanding of the complexities and challenges as well as the significant potential for integration in the Danube region.


I. Migration in the Danube Region

Karl Schlögel:
Migration and Displacement in the History of Europe and the Danube Region

Hannes Heer:
The Displacement of Ethnic Groups within the Context of World War II and the Role of German Warfare

Henrike Hampe: The Invisible Luggage:
Migrant Luggage as an Indicator for Integration Processes Using the Example of German Refugees and Displaced Persons from Hungary and Yugoslavia

Goran Opacic, Goran Knezevic, Vladimir Jovic, Borislav Radovic:
Concomitants of Repatriation: The Case of Former Yugoslavia

II. Historical Conflicts and the War in South-East Europe

Dieter S. Lutz†:
Morality, Nato Force, Human Rights and International Law - The Use of Military Means on the Example of Kosovo

Natalija Basic:
"There's not a lot of philosophy!" Reflections on the Development of Enemy Stereotypes and Violence Based on Examples of Biographies of Former Combatants in the Post-Yugoslavian Wars

Josip Babic:
The Intellectuals and the War: Deliberations Regarding the Balkan Conflict and Broch's Theory of Mass Hysteria

Ulrich Weiß:
The Relationship between Political Freedom of Action and Historical Compulsions

Hans-Georg Wehling:
The Danube Region, its Political Culture and its Conflicts Using the Example of Ivo Andric's novel: The Bridge on the Drina

III. Chances of Integration

Reinhard Johler:
Migration, Sister Cities, Europe: The Pursuit of Cultural Diversity

Klaus Seiberth, Ansgar Thiel:
Cultural Diversity, Otherness and Sport - Prospects and Limits of Integration

Karin Amos, Luzi Santoso:
The Institutional Framing of Failing Educational Careers: The Case of E.

Monika Kleck:
Return at the Expense of the Returnees?

Andreas Breinbauer:
Long-Term Mobility of Highly Qualified Individuals/Scientists (Brain Drain) from Austria and Hungary - Case Study of Mathematicians

IV. Health Problems after Migration

Martin Aigner, Sanela Piralic Spitzl, Fabian Friedrich:
Migration-Related Psychosocial Factors in Pain Disorder

Trudy Mooren:
Mental Health Consequences of War and Migration: The Case of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Harald C. Traue, Lucia Jerg-Bretzke, Jutta Lindert:
Anxiety and Trauma Symptoms in Refugees after Displacement from Kosovo

Jörg Oster, Andrea Gruner:
Symptoms, Illness Models, Experience and Effects of Therapy in Patients in Psychosomatic Rehabilitation with and without Experience of Migration

Norbert F. Gurris:
The Psychosocial Context of Therapeutic Care for Migrants, Refugees and Traumatized People

Gertrud Schwarz-Langer, Christine Grunert, Manfred Makowitzki, Matthias Odenwald, Harald C. Traue:
Traumatization as a Consequence of Displacement and Migration: From the Work of the Ulm Treatment Center for Torture Victims (Behandlungszentrum für Folteropfer Ulm; BFU)

Jelena Jancovic Gavrilovic, Marija Bogic, Stefan Priebe:
Recruiting Refugees for Research on Mental Health Consequences of War - Aspirations and Reality

2010, 368 pages, ISBN 978-3-89967-641-9, Price: 35,- Euro