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Mentally Disordered Persons in European Prison Systems - Needs, Programmes and Outcome (EUPRIS)

Research Project 
Final Report

Almost ten million people are currently being held in penal institutions worldwide. The prevalence of psychiatric morbidity among prisoners by far exceeds the rate of mental disorders in the general population.
Although the problem imposes a heavy financial burden internationally, in most countries, concepts or resources for prison mental health care are deficient. However, research has seriously neglected this field so far. Even the most basic data shortages or information gaps have never been systematically explored. This book tries to bridge this gap. For the first time it presents structured information on the epidemiology, care concepts and routine practices in prison mental health care of 24 European Union Member States and other European countries. 
Thus, it provides essential information for psychiatrists, researchers, health care administrators, politicians and any professional interested or working in the field of prison health care.

2009, 304 pages, ISBN 978-3-89967-596-2, Price: 30,- Euro