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Innovative Solutions for an ageing Society – Proceedings of SMARTER LIVES meets uDay 19

In 2019, the 5th edition of the AAL practice forum SMARTER LIVES was realized. The event addresses the challenges of demographic change within the health- and social care sector, as well as inside of the society. SMARTER LIVES discusses and presents opportunities innovative, technological solutions in context of an ageing society. The proceedings at hand present the scientific contributions, which were handed in, reviewed and discussed in the course of the SMARTER LIVES practice forum 2019.

Smarter Lives meets uDay 2019 - Digitalization and Quality of Life in an aging society
Felix Piazolo, Guido Kempter, Kurt Promberger

Part I: AAL-projects across Europe

Who are the elderly? Characteristics of a target group in a demographically changing world
Nadine Sturm et al.

Practical Realization of an integrated Telemonitoring and Health Care Center Model - Interim results within the Pilot Region Smart VitAALity
Daniela Krainer et al.

Benefits of a Technology-Based "Service-Living" - An Explorative-Qualitative Survey of the Perspective of Residents
Lilli Bauer et al.

A user-centred approach for an AAL platform supporting personalized services for the elderly
Eugenio Arbizzani, Paolo Civiero, Anna Mangiatordi

Acceptance of Smart Technologies: A Cross-generational Analysis of Attitudes and Perceptions
Stephan Schlögl, Sarah Aichner

Part II: Degree of Quality of Life affected by technology

Effects of the solution bundle gAALaxy on the quality of life of community-dwelling older adults – a qualitative analysis
Judith Kathrein et al.

Developing user centered technological prototypes to maintain physical health
Karin Trommelschläger, Andreas Kuenz, Walter Ritter

Accessible Tourism around Lake Constance
Hans-Peter Hutter, Alireza Darvishy

Acceptance, quality of life and willingness-to-pay measures to assess prerequisites and impacts of the use of assistive technologies by older adults – a review
Ines Simbrig, Judith Kathrein, Marcelle van der Sanden

Part III: Technologies for older adults with cognitive impairments

Petal - Description of the project, first results
Hermann Atz et al.

Music Technology for Neurological Diseases Among the Elderly
Dominik Fuchs, Petra Friedrich

A self-learning mood transfer system to support people with dementia
Edith Maier et al.

Creating activating and relaxing atmospheres using light, scent and sound
Tobias Werner, Karin Trommelschläger, Patrick Jost


Felix Piazolo, Guido Kempter, Kurt Promberger (Hrsg.)
Innovative Solutions for an ageing Society
Proceedings of SMARTER LIVES meets uDay 19

28.05.2019, Bolzano – Bozen
Pabst 2019, 160 pages, ISBN 978-3-95853-510-7, price: 15,- €
eBook: ISBN 978-3-95853-511-4, price: 10,- €
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