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Innovative Solutions for an ageing Society – Proceedings of SMARTER LIVES 18

20.02.2018, Innsbruck

In 2018, the 4th edition of the AAL practice forum SMARTER LIVES was realized. The event addresses the challenges of demographic change within the health- and social care sector, as well as inside of the society. SMARTER LIVES discusses and presents opportunities innovative, technological solutions in context of an ageing society. The proceedings at hand present the scientific contributions, which were handed in, reviewed and discussed in the course of the SMARTER LIVES practice forum 2018.

Smarter Lives 2018
Kristina Förster, Stephan Schlögl, Felix Piazolo

Part I: Insights from research approaches in AAL pilot projects

Study designs and critical aspects of end user integration to AAL projects
Nadine Sturm, Georg Aumayr, Doris Bleier

System Definition based on a Multidimensional Requirement Analysis within the Pilot Region Smart VitAALity
Daniela Krainer et al.

The EMPATHIC Project: Building and Expressive, Advanced Virtual Coach to Improve Independent Healthy-Life-Years of the Elderly
Luisa Brinkschulte et al.

Evaluation results of an AAL pilot region – extract of a pre-post comparison
Martin Pallauf et al.

Part II Smart Home in the context of AAL

Smart Home Technology: An Exploration of End User Perceptions
Aleksandar Georgiev, Stephan Schlögl

Smart TVs and video calls in the context of elderly users
Manuel Gietl et al.

Smart Homes and Services design approach for AAL in Italy
Eugenio Arbizzani, Paolo Civiero, Anna Mangiatordi

Scenario based Development Approach towards a Multi-modal Interface Presentation Meta-model
Daniela Ströckl

Part III Looking out of the box – interdisciplinary topics in the field of AAL

Look ahead and see the future: The Mental Model of Time and Implications for Customized User Interfaces for Older Adults
Linda Wulf, Julia Himmelsbach, Markus Garschall

Public funding and financing to scale up the usage of AAL solutions – status quo and research approaches
Judith Kathrein et al.

Ethics in a Taboo-Related AAL Project
Paul Panek, Peter Mayer


Felix Piazolo, Stephan Schlögl (Hrsg.)
Innovative Solutions for an ageing Society
Proceedings of SMARTER LIVES 18

20.02.2018, Innsbruck
Pabst 2018, 136 pages, ISBN 978-3-95853-413-1, price: 15,-  €
eBook: ISBN 978-3-95853-414-8, price: 10,-  €