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Exploring Mental Health: Theoretical and Empirical Discourses on Salutogenesis

Since a few decades the question of "What keeps people healthy?” is discussed vividly. This text collection book contains new theoretical and empirical discourses on salutogenesis and sense of coherence from interdisciplinary perspectives, responding to this central question. Researchers from various cultures have contributed to this book, discussing relevant contemporary questions on mental health and well-being.
This text collection book can serve as a handbook for salutogenetic research and practice. It provides an introduction into the topic as well as specific deep insights into selected research areas.
This book is a must for lecturers, researchers and students of health sciences, psychology, medical sciences and medical sociology.



Claude-Hélène Mayer and Christina Krause

Sense of Coherence and the Ability to manage Conflicts in Organisations
Claude-Hélène Mayer

Promoting Mental Health in Young Children:  a Salutogenetic Approach
Christina Krause and Marina Fidelman

Promoting Hope, Sense of Coherence and Self-Efficacy in College:  The Salutogenic Paradigm
David B. Feldman, Oranit B. Davidson and Malka Margalit

The Re-Activation of Self-Healing Powers from a Neurobiological  Perspective
Gerald Hüther and Ingrid Flaig

Sense of Coherence, Emotional Stress and Coping Strategies of Hard of Hearing People
Manfred Hintermair and Kathrin Wälder

Shamanism as Applied Salutogenesis?
Barbara Buch

The Argument on Pills - a Medical Sociological Examination  of the Usage and Effectiveness of Drugs
Ottomar Bahrs

A Salutogenic Perspective on Mental Health across the Life Time. Cultural Aspects on the Sense of Coherence
Monica Eriksson, Shifra Sagy and Bengt Lindström

The Basics of Systemic Coherence Regulation. A Discourse  on a Dynamic and Systemic Approach to Salutogenesis
Theodor Dierk Petzold

2012, 184 pages, ISBN 978-3-89967-810-9, price: 20,- Euro