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Configural Frequency Analysis (CFA) and other non-parametrical statistical methods: Gustav A. Lienert Memorial Issue

On the 8th of Mai 2001 Gustav A. Lienert passed away. After a life which he dedicated to science and methodology, we are not only losing a great scientist but also an outstanding teacher and mentor and, for a few lucky ones, a warmhearted friend.
This compendium, which embraces nine contributions about non-parametrical statistics in general and Lienerts configural frequency analysis in particular, is published to honor G. A. Lienert in a way, he probably would have preferred most: showing that non-parametrical statistical analyses sensu Lienert are still modern and in use.


A. von Eye:
Configural Analysis of Mediation

J. Krauth:
Pregnancy of Types and Antitypes in CFA

A. von Eye:
What do we know about Cohen's Kappa? A Review and Discussion

D. Martinke:
Using Conjoint-Analysis to Evaluate Ordinal Expert-judgments in Personnel Decisions

J. Schiltz:
Developing and Evaluating a Computerized Adaptive Mathematical Test

M. Stemmler, F. Lösel, A. Beelmann, St. Jaursch:
A Configural Perspective on the Stability of Externalizing Problem Behavior in Children: Results from the Erlangen-Nuremberg Development and Prevention Study

A. von Eye, P. Mair:
A Functional Approach to Configural Frequency Analysis - Computational Issues

St. von Weber, A. von Eye:
Clusters in Contingency Tables - A Contribution to Data Mining

L. Schiltz:
Pictures used as a Tool of Treatment and Research. An Integrated Clinical and Experimental Study of People Suffering from Trauma and Deprivation

2008, 144 pages, ISBN 978-3-89967-489-7, Preis: 20,- Euro