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Change and Continuity: researching evolving drug landscapes in Europe

Patterns of drug use are changing, as are societal responses to the drug ‘problem’. In itself, this is not particularly noteworthy. However, in many ways we are experiencing change that is unprecedented in the history of drug policy. Many new developments are occurring simultaneously: technological advances enable new ways of producing and distributing both old and new drugs, and facilitate the dissemination of information that influences drug-taking behaviours. Those who seek to respond (including policy makers, treatment professionals, researchers) also harness scientific advances. The rate of change is such that it is difficult to keep up, or to predict the consequences.
This book examines change and continuity in European drug scenes. Eight original research papers explore their own specific topics, features on the broader drug landscape. But individually and (especially) together, these studies provide broader insights relevant to many other aspects of the contemporary drug scene in Europe and beyond.

Change and continuity in the European drug landscape: an introduction
Gary R. Potter

Neighbourhood effects: the influence of time, space and structures on drug consumption trends and practices
Aileen O’Gorman

Harm reduction of novel psychoactive substance use
Levente Móró

A liquid phenomenon? Images of new psychoactive substances in Polish print media
Katarzyna Dąbrowska & Michał Bujalski

New psychoactive substances: new European policy landscapes
Caroline Chatwin

Looking beneath the surface of recovery: Analysing the emergence of recovery oriented treatment policies
Alastair Roy

The road to anhedonia
Alfred Springer

Analysing Twitter as an opportunity to understand substance use
Sharon Sznitman, Nehama Lewis & Danielle Taubman

Interviewing ‘elites’ in examining the science-policy nexus: some methodological reflections
Julie Tieberghien

2014, 140 pages, ISBN 978-3-95853-006-5, price: 15,- €