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Campaigning for Health - Case Studies in Health Communication & Health Promotion

Series on International Media Research, Volume II

Today, the fields of health promotion and health campaigning are strongly influenced by strategies developed in health communication. In less than fifteen years the topic of ‘communication’ moved to the center of attention in health campaigning research. Today’s health campaigns are health communication campaigns! The optimism of politicians and health promotion experts in the U.S.A. and in Europe relating to health communication is tremendous. In the context of the new Europe 2020 Strategy European health officials praise the possible benefits of eHealth solutions, and the health experts of the Healthy People 2020 agenda in the United States especially stress the close relationship between health communication and health information technology as ‘central to health care, public health, and the way our society views health.’ Beyond doubt, health communication innovated and professionalized the areas of health promotion and health campaigning.

With its nine chapters the book makes no claims of being complete with respect to the title ‘Campaigning for Health’. The exemplary approach adopted here nevertheless should give the reader a chance to stay focused and to get a feel for the tight interdependence of the conceptual, methodological and practical strategies in the field of health communication campaigning.


Part One: Introduction

Health Communication, Health Promotion and Health Communication Campaigns
Angela Schorr

Part Two: Media Exposure and Health Campaign Effects - Psychological and Methodological Analyses

The Utility of Affect-Evoking Exemplars in Health Promotion
Dolf Zillmann

The Methodological Problem of Media Exposure in Health Communication Research
Michael D. Slater

Part Three: Health Communication and Health Promotion Strategies from a Lifespan Perspective

Health Communication Strategies for Older Adults
Donna Lloyd-Kolkin

Antismoking Messages Targeting Youth: How Do College Students Process Gain- and Loss-Framed Information?
I-Huei Cheng & Melissa J. Poole

Part Four: Campaigning for Health - Case Studies

Stair Prompts: An Empirical Case Study of Mediated Communication
Jacqueline Kerr, Frank Eves & Doug Carroll

Generating Anti-Smoking News: Correspondences between a Health Organisation’s Press Releases and Free Publicity
Luuk Lagerwerf, Erik Taal & Patricia Brouwer

Portrayal of Eating Disorders in the Press with Special Regard to its Adequacy
Eva Baumann, Lars Harden & Helmut Scherer

Identifying Key Factors for the Successful Implementation of Health Communication Campaigns - A Study Based on In-Depth Interviews with Key Campaigners
Parichart Sthapitanonda & Kitti Gunpai

2013, 248 pages, ISBN 978-3-89967-868-0, price: 25,- Euro