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Aesthetics: State of the Art and Future Perspectives

H. Leder: Editorial

P. Locher: The usefulness of eye movement recordings to subject an aesthetic episode with visual art to empirical scrutiny

B. Belke, H. Leder, D. Augustin: Mastering style. Effects of explicit style-related information, art knowledge and affective state on appreciation of abstract paintings

D. Augustin, H. Leder: Art expertise: a study of concepts and conceptual spaces

P. Hekkert: Design aesthetics: principles of pleasure in design

C.-Ch. Carbon, F. Hutzler, M. Minge: Innovativeness in design investigated by eye movements and pupillometry

K. Schaefer, B. Fink, K. Grammer, P. Mitteroecker, P. Gunz, F. L. Bookstein: Female appearance: facial and bodily attractiveness as shape

2006, 104 pages, ISBN 3-89967-329-8, Price: 15,- Euro
(Psychology Science 2-2006)