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A boat trip through economic change- Proceedings of the IAREP/SABE/ICABEEP 2010 Conference Cologne

Especially in times of economic change, interdisciplinary approaches provide valuable information toward mastering the socioeconomic challenges ahead. This book contains the proceedings from a joint conference of two major scientific organizations in the intersection of psychology and economics. Both IAREP (International Association for Research in Economic Psychology) and SABE (Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics) bring together researchers from different backgrounds who are interested in an interdisciplinary approach to human behavior in economic contexts. The topics of the conference cover a broad range of classical and novel approaches. For example, several contributions include individual and group decision making, social dilemmas, intertemporal choice, and game-theoretical analyses. There are also a variety of topics that concern the management of scarce resources; for example, buying, giving, credit use, investment, tax behavior, and energy-saving. Recurring themes throughout this conference are happiness, well-being, and life satisfaction. Taken together, the conference contributions represent a comprehensive overview of topics in contemporary economic psychology and behavioral economics. The current book aims at conserving this overview and providing a snapshot in the changing history of the field.


Keynote Lectures

Economic and cognitive engineering of social interaction
Ockenfels, Axel

Trust in others: Its emotional, social, rather than its economic, underpinnings
Dunning, Dave

The libertarian welfare state
Frank, Robert H.

On envy, trust, and sloths - How comparative thinking shapes economic decision making
Mussweiler, Thomas

Panel Discussion

Economic psychology and behavioral economics - Monozygotic twins or mere siblings?
Convenor: Fetchenhauer, Detlef

Work Groups

Behavioral impediments to socially responsible stock investments
Convenor: Biel, Anders

Social values and mutual fund clienteles
Bauer, Rob; Smeets, Paul

A social-psychological perspective on socially responsible investments
Biel, Anders; Gärling, Tommy; Jansson, Magnus

Effects of short versus long evaluation intervals on stock investments
Gärling, Tommy; Andersson, Maria; Hedesström, Martin; Biel, Anders

Intra- and inter-group processes in economic decision-making
Convenor: Boehm, Robert

Intra-group discussions increase inter-group competition: An effect of social identity or rational comprehension?
Boehm, Robert; Rothermund, Klaus; Kirchkamp, Oliver

Out-group favoritism
Hargreaves Heap, Shaun Patrick

Group reciprocity
Hugh-Jones, David; Leroch, Martin

Productivity under group contests: Organizational culture and personality effects
Miettinen, Topi; Andersson, Ola; Huysentruyt, Marieke; Stephan, Ute

Cooperation in the shadow of ethnic diversity and otherness
Veit, Susanne; Ruud, Koopmans

The economic psychology of giving and collective goods
Convenor: Cartwright, Edward

Punishment cannot sustain cooperation in a public good game with free-rider anonymity
Cartwright, Edward; Patel, Amrish

Coherence shifts, affect, and donations: Cognitive processes relevant to justifying pro-social behavior in social dilemma situations
Dickert, Stephan

The impact of group identification on psychological ownership
Kamleitner, Bernadette; Rabinovich, Anna

"We-thinking” and double crossing: Frames, reasoning, and equilibria
Smerilli, Alessandra

Lay economics
Convenor: Christandl, Fabian

Hindsight bias for economic developments in the context of the financial crisis
Christandl, Fabian; Hoelzl, Erik

Factors influencing perception of inflationary price increases
Gärling, Tommy; Christandl, Fabian

Lay versus expert judgments of trade and immigration policies - Can teachers and journalists act as effective multiplicators for economic literacy?
Jacob, Robert; Fetchenhauer, Detlef; Christandl, Fabian

New Zealanders’ views of the 2008-2009 economic crisis
Kemp, Simon; Elsmere-Johnson, Shelley; Morrison, Shiona

The financial crisis and the common good: How are state interventions justified from an ethical viewpoint?
Pitters, Julia; Oberlechner, Thomas

Perspectives on judgment and decision making
Convenor: Gloeckner, Andreas

Individual differences in critical properties of risky decision making
Birnbaum, Michael H.; Bahra, Jeffrey

What causes endowment effects? A connectionist perspective
Gloeckner, Andreas; Kleber, Janet; Tontrup, Stephan Walter

Bayesian updating in the EEG: Differentiation between automatic and controlled processes of decision making by means of error rates and event-related potentials
Hügelschäfer, Sabine; Achtziger, Anja; Alós-Ferrer, Carlos; Steinhauser, Marco

A calibration theory of categorical judgments and decisions
Unkelbach, Christian; Memmert, Daniel; Ostheimer, Vanessa

Sustainability issues and policies: Understanding the motives for pro-environmental behavior
Convenor: Olander, Folke

In it for the money or the environment? Affective responses to egoistic and biospheric pro-environmental appeals
Bolderdijk, Jan Willem; Steg, Linda

Materialism and environmentalism
Gatersleben, Birgitta

The cross-norm inhibition effect: How observing litter can lead to stealing
Keizer, Kees; Lindenberg, Siegwart; Steg, Linda

Values and consumer preferences
Steg, Linda

Sustainability issues and policies: How to achieve energy conservation?
Convenor: Olander, Folke

How active can an active electricity consumer be?
Darby, Sarah J.

Feedback on household electricity consumption: Learning and social influence processes
Gronhoj, Alice; Thogersen, John

Private payment versus public praise: Effects of reward type on energy conservation
Handgraaf, Michel; Van Lidth de Jeude, Margriet; Appelt, Kirstin

Using negative and positive social feedback from a robotic agent to save energy, the moderating roles of feedback relevance and multiple goal activation
Midden, Cees; Ham, Jaap

Sustainability issues and policies: Designing the stage for sustainable choices
Convenor: Olander, Folke

Promoting self-efficacy in healthy eating by SMS: A feedback intervention on adolescents’ fruit and vegetable consumption
Bech-Larsen, Tino; Gronhoj, Alice; Pedersen, Susanne

From the ivory tower to the political arena? Behavioral sciences, consumer policy, and sustainability
Fischer, Corinna

How to design regulation of agricultural practices to achieve greater sustainability by taking farmer’s motivation and decision processes into account
Nielsen, Helle Orsted; Pedersen, Anders Branth

Sustainable food consumption: Can "smart choice architecture” work?
Reisch, Lucia A.; Gwozdz, Wencke

Trust and cooperation
Convenors: Schlösser, Thomas M.; Fetchenhauer, Detlef

If only we knew how trustworthy we are - The influence of feedback on trust and trustworthiness in iterated trust games
Fetchenhauer, Detlef; Dunning, Dave; Schlösser, Thomas M.; Mensching, Ole

Testing guilt aversion in the presence of communication
Narita, Yusuke; Kawagoe, Toshiji

Fairness, trust, and reciprocity in social decision-making: Evidence from neuroscience
Sanfey, Alan

Is trust driven by efficiency? - Effects of mutual gains on the decision to trust
Schlösser, Thomas M.; Mensching, Ole; Fetchenhauer, Detlef

Can we trust the trust game? A comprehensive examination
Schupp, Juergen; Naef, Michael


False consensus in inequity aversion
Aksoy, Ozan; Weesie, Jeroen

Fast or rational? A response-times study of Bayesian updating
Alós-Ferrer, Carlos; Achtziger, Anja

Motivational effects of short-term versus long-term bonuses on stock investments
Andersson, Maria; Hedesström, Martin; Gärling, Tommy; Biel, Anders

Do Danes and Italians rate life satisfaction in the same way? Using vignettes to correct for individual-specific scale biases
Angelini, Viola; Cavapozzi, Danilo; Corazzini, Luca; Paccagnella, Omar

Sustainable consumer policy
Antonides, Gerrit; Van Rens, Bas

Applying quadratic scoring rule in multiple choice settings
Artinger, Florian; Exadaktylos, Filippos; Koppel, Hannes; Sääksvuori, Lauri

Organic versus non-organic consumer reactions to health claims on food: A purchase simulation
Aschemann-Witzel, Jessica; Hamm, Ulrich

The impact of risk and the outcome of a previous business strategy on strategic decision making
Azar, Ofer H.

Cooperation with Pavlov or win-stay lose-shift strategies in social dilemmas?
Beckenkamp, Martin

Making human capital theory more "humane”
Bharte, Umesh Laxmanrao

Trustful and educated: The link between social trust and human capital
Bjoernskov, Christian; Pfister, Lena

Coordination with dual uncertainty: An experiment with entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs on investments in innovative activities
Boewe, Sabrina; Schade, Christian; Krantz, David; Kostanovskaya, Anna

Secondary school principals’ burnout and its prevention as a factor of their effectiveness under social-economic changes
Bondarchuk, Olena

Power, not fear: A new perspective on pricing behavior in betting markets
Bruce, Alistair Cameron; Marginson, David

Assessing the impact of socio-economic and attitudinal factors on student debt
Butler, Alex; Lea, Stephen E. G.

How the need for cognitive closure moderates consumer loyalty
Chmiel, Michal; Wierzchon, Michal

Children’s economic and moral reasoning about economic situations and their skepticism towards advertisements
Chu, Maria T.; Herbert, Jane; Blades, Mark

How corporate cultures coevolve with the business environment: The case of firm growth crises and industry evolution
Cordes, Christian; Richerson, Peter J.; Schwesinger, Georg

I can resist everything except temptation: Self regulation fatigue and ethical shopping
Crelley, David; Lea, Stephen E. G.; Kessler, Thomas; Fischer, Peter

When buying multi-unit promotional packs leads to overconsumption
de Pechpeyrou, Pauline

Measuring consumer perceptions of fairness in personal finance relationships: The development of a valid scale
Devlin, James Francis

Heterogeneous preferences for inequity aversion in laboratory gift exchange games
Dittrich, Dennis Alexis Valin; March, Christoph; Ziegelmeyer, Anthony

On the beauty contest experiments: Is intelligence relevant?
Du, Ye-Rong; Chen, Shu-Heng; Yang, Lee-Xieng

The beliefs of others - The financial crisis and stock market expectations
Egan, Daniel; Merkle, Christoph; Weber, Martin

A choice prediction competition for simple extensive form games
Ert, Eyal; Erev, Ido; Roth, Alvin E.

Trust and discrimination in the labor market - An experimental study with criminal offenders
Falk, Armin; Walkowitz, Gari

Economic psychology and financial education: A pioneer program in Brazil
Ferreira, Vera Rita M.; Lima, Iran Siqueira; Coutinho, Laura; Padilha, Heloisa

Is regulation by milestones efficiency enhancing? An experimental study of environmental conservation
Freytag, Andreas; Güth, Werner; Koppel, Hannes; Wangler, Leo

Relative gains and losses in income and subjective happiness in Europe
Georgellis, Yannis; Tsitsianis, Nick; Yin, Ya Ping

Wealth and climate as determinants of interpersonal trust - A 109 nations study
Goebbels, Thomas; Bjoernskov, Christian; Schlösser, Thomas M.; Fetchenhauer, Detlef

Legitimate punishment, immunity, and the enforcement of cooperation
Grieco, Daniela; Faillo, Marco; Zarri, Luca

Equity versus efficiency? Evidence from three-person generosity experiments
Güth, Werner; Pull, Kerstin; Stadler, Manfred; Stribeck, Agnes

International environmental cooperation under fairness and reciprocity
Hadjiyiannis, Costas; Iris, Doruk; Tabakis, Chrysostomos

The effect of payment type on consumption-related emotions
Hahn, Luise; Hoelzl, Erik; Pollai, Maria

Who believes the hype? An experimental examination of how language affects investor judgments
Hales, Jeffrey; Kuang, Jason; Venkataraman, Shankar

Sabotage in organizations
Harbring, Christine; Irlenbusch, Bernd

Uncovering the limits of guilt in a repeated trust game
Harth, Nicole Syringa; Regner, Tobias

Take a hike! The simultaneous relationship between recreation behavior and environmental concern
Hassett, Katherine; Noblet, Caroline; Teisl, Mario; McCoy, Shannon

Economics - A science without conscience?
Heinemann, Friedrich

How does thinking about money influence economic decisions in dictator games when people hold different money attitudes?
Helka, Anna Maria; Gasiorowska, Agata

Do coordination demands boost public goods provisions?
Hillis, James McIntosh; Howie, Irving

The price perception paradox: When reference prices make higher prices seem lower and lower prices seem higher
Hitzler, Johannes; Diehl, Michael; Ziegler, René; Schneider, Evelyn

Anticipated regret in negotiations on credit rates
Hoelzl, Erik; Hahn, Luise; Masak, Jan

Income tax evasion and ethical behavior - Evidence from an agent-based model
Hokamp, Sascha; Pickhardt, Michael

Frequency of price increases of individual products and perceived inflation
Huber, Odilo W.

Neural correlates of multiple selves in intertemporal choice
Jamison, Julian C.; Wegener, Jon

Residential household water-use behaviors and water consumption in an Australian context
Jorgensen, Bradley S.; Martin, John F.; Pearce, Meryl; Willis, Eileen

Conspicuous consumption and "race”: Evidence from South Africa
Kaus, Wolfhard

Trust in times of financial crisis: An analysis of social representations of Austrian experts and laypeople about financial crisis
Kirchler, Erich; Kastlunger, Barbara

The impact of presentation format and numerical skills on donations
Kleber, Janet; Dickert, Stephan

Groups in social dilemmas
Kocher, Martin Georg; Kugler, Tamar; Sutter, Matthias

Pigou versus Confucius: The effect of experience on the acceptability of Pigouvian taxes in a lab experiment
Kroll, Stephan; Kallbekken, Steffen; Cherry, Todd

Overweighting private information: Three different measures, one bias?
Kruegel, Sebastian; Fellner, Gerlinde

Does social trust increase individual happiness in Japan?
Kuroki, Masanori

I am more realistic about hedonistic adaptation, but does it always help me to take better decisions?
Le Lec, Fabrice; Macé, Serge

Intertemporal choice, hyperbolic discounting, and mental time travel: A comparative and evolutionary discussion
Lea, Stephen E. G.

Regulatory focus and regret in risky decisions
Leder, Susanne; Florack, Arnd; Keller, Johannes

Effects of cognitive reappraisal, emotional intelligence, neuroticism, and betrayal experience on the disposition to trust
Lee, Wing Shing; Selart, Marcus

Double or quits: Cognitive consistency and the building of self-confidence
Levy-Garboua, Louis; Askari, Muniza

What you don’t know won’t hurt you, but me! The stabilizing effect of justice sensitivity on allocation decisions
Lotz, Sebastian; Schlösser, Thomas M.; Fetchenhauer, Detlef

What can I get for it? A theoretical and empirical re-analysis of the endowment effect
Lunn, Pete; Lunn, Mary

Old age perceptions and time preference: An experiment based on the artificial ageing of people’s faces in photography
Macé, Serge; Le Lec, Fabrice; Tariket, Dounia

Epistemic framing effect: A hypothesis
Mastrogiorgio, Antonio; Carena, Augusto

Credit repayment decisions: The role of long-term consequence information, economic, and psychological factors
McHugh, Sandie; Ranyard, Rob

Differences in information searching in risk judgment between sophisticated and non-sophisticated subjects
Michalaszek, Agata; Sokolowska, Joanna

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: A broader understanding of the motivational roots of materialism
Miesen, Harold

An experiment on intertemporal choice and tax evasion
Mittone, Luigi; Muehlbacher, Stephan; Kastlunger, Barbara; Kirchler, Erich

Investment decisions: Fast and frugal heuristics at work
Monti, Marco; Martignon, Laura; Gigerenzer, Gerd; Berg, Nathan

Mental accounting of self-employed taxpayers: Insights from an interview study
Muehlbacher, Stephan; Kirchler, Erich

Modeling alternatives to exponential discounting
Musau, Andrew M.

I give you because I care: An experimental psychology study on reciprocity
Narhetali, Erita; Nisa, Yunita Faela; Syaebani, Irfan

Proposing a linear structure of the cognitive mechanism behind hyperbolic discounting: Analysis and generalization of empirical studies
Neszveda, Gabor; Dezso, Linda; Szaszi, Barnabas I.

Virtual field evidence on the hidden cost of control
Nicklisch, Andreas; Salz, Tobias

Determinants of income pooling among Dutch couples
Nyhus, Ellen K.; Musau, Andrew M.

Overconfidence in investment skills? Demographic differences, luck attributions, and the role of perceived market mood
Oberlechner, Thomas; Pitters, Julia

Time crawls when you’re not having fun: Feeling entitled makes time move more slowly
O’Brien, Edward Hughes; Anastasio, Phyllis A.; Bushman, Brad J.

Incomplete information in an internet dictator game
Ockenfels, Axel; Werner, Peter

Adolescent saving in the social context of the family: Testing a model
Otto, Annette Michaela Cosima; Webley, Paul

Does altruism need punishment?
Ottone, Stefania; Ortona, Guido; Ponzano, Ferruccio

Using a high stakes laboratory experiment to investigate the demand for postsecondary education among underrepresented groups
Palameta, Boris; Voyer, Jean-Pierre

Incentive enhancing preferences and job satisfaction: What parents passed on to their children
Phelps, Charlotte DeMonte

Influence of anticipated emotions on consumer decisions
Pollai, Maria; Hoelzl, Erik; Hahn, Luise; Hahn, Alexandra

Cognition and emotion in credit consumers’ payment protection insurance decisions: A path modeling study
Ranyard, Rob; McHugh, Sandie

Other-regarding behavior: Testing guilt- and reciprocity-based models
Regner, Tobias; Harth, Nicole Syringa

Asymmetry and self-serving in ultimatum bargaining - Experimental evidence from Germany and China
Rilke, Rainer Michael; Walkowitz, Gari; Irlenbusch, Bernd; Hennig-Schmidt, Heike

Does social comparison of ability reduce generosity? An experimental investigation
Riyanto, Yohanes Eko; Zhang, Jianlin

Decision-making in risky situations: Poker playing
Roland-Lévy, Christine; Lemoine, Jérémy

More than words: How the structure of communication affects the outcomes of collective action
Sääksvuori, Lauri; Leibbrandt, Andreas; Ostrom, Elinor

Earmarking revenues from environmental taxes: How much does it increase public acceptability and why? A choice experiment
Saelen, Hakon; Kallbekken, Steffen

Some methodological topics in subjective wellbeing research
Scacciati, Francesco; Ortona, Guido; Sotgiu, Igor

Is that the answer you had in mind? The effect of perspective on unethical behavior
Schurr, Amos; Ritov, Ilana; Kareev, Yaakov; Avrahami, Judith

Justified ethicality: Observing desired counterfactuals modifies ethical perceptions and behavior
Shalvi, Shaul; Dana, Jason; Handgraaf, Michel; de Dreu, Carsten

Foregoing immediate rewards - Bearing immediate punishments to get delayed rewards in two versions of Iowa gambling task
Singh, Varsha; Khan, Azizuddin

Retail infrastructure as a determinant of household spending in Polish regions
Sobolewski, Adam Michal; Gucwa-Lesny, Ewa

Are the unemployed equally unhappy all around the world? The role of social work norm and welfare state provision in 26 OECD countries
Stavrova, Olga; Schlösser, Thomas M.; Fetchenhauer, Detlef

Individual risk attitude and asset market behavior
Straznicka, Katerina; Weber, Martin

The link between values and environmentally significant behavior - Results from a Norwegian survey
Strumse, Einar; Saelen, Hakon; Westskog, Hege

Moral contamination through consumption - Emotional and behavioral consequences of consuming the right and the wrong
Susewind, Moritz; Hoelzl, Erik

The opposite pattern of predicting future utility in younger and in older children: An empirical study on projection bias in children aged 8 to 18
Szaszi, Barnabas I.; Dezso, Linda; Neszveda, Gabor

More competition or more cooperation? Team versus individual play in a sequential market game
Tan, Fangfang; Mueller, Wieland

Committed to honesty: Honesty as a sacred value and its implications for business choices
Tanner, Carmen; Gibson, Rajna; Wagner, Alexander; Berkowitsch, Nicolas

What’s "driving” eco-substitution behaviors? A study in choices related to biofuels
Teisl, Mario; McCoy, Shannon; Noblet, Caroline

The importance of timing for breaking commuters’ car driving habits
Thogersen, John

An alternative socio-economic theory of obesity
Tomer, John F.

Expressive function of contracts
Tontrup, Stephan Walter

Blindness to the benefits of ambiguity: The neglect of learning opportunities
Trautmann, Stefan; Zeckhauser, Richard

Effects of information on intentionality attributions and judgments
Uske, Tobias; Haupt, Andreas

Copycats as uncertainty reducing devices
van Horen, Femke; Pieters, Rik; Stapel, Diederik A.

On-the-job search, work effort and hyperbolic discounting
van Huizen, Thomas

Individual differences in pension knowledge
van Raaij, W. Fred; Huiskes, Nic; Verhue, Dieter; Visser, Julie

Voluntary and enforced cooperation in social dilemmas: Transferring the "slippery slope framework” to the public transport system
Wahl, Ingrid; Endres, Miriam; Kirchler, Erich; Böck, Barbara

Moral abstraction: An empirical investigation of ambiguity and abstraction in ethical decision-making
Wasieleski, David Michael; Lundberg, Gustav

Compulsive buying: A neurological study of normal and compulsive buyers
Weber, Bernd; Raab, Gerhard

Leading by words: A voluntary contribution experiment with one-way communication
Weisser, Johannes; Levati, Vittoria; Koukoumelis, Anastasios

The communication of anger and disappointment helps to establish cooperation through indirect reciprocity
Wubben, Maarten Johannes Jacobus; De Cremer, David; van Dijk, Eric

Tax evasion, conspicuous consumption, and the income tax rate
Yaniv, Gideon

Financial forecasts during the crisis: Are experts more accurate than laypeople?
Zaleskiewicz, Tomasz

Round Table Discussions

Simulation of the El-Farol Bar Problem with complex, limbic character based player groups
Akinalp, Coskun; Unger, Herwig

Behavioral finance´s view on equity home bias
Bata, Karel; Smid, Martin

Cognitive and behavioral learning in organizational change
Cayla, David

Neuroeconomics, dual motive theory, and the implicit structure of Hayek’s thought
Cory, Gerald Augustus Jr. ; Chan, Yau-Gene

On the optimality of a duty-to-rescue rule and the bystander effect
Crettez, Bertrand; Deloche, Regis

The decision to become an entrepreneur: Ideating, trying to become, and being self-employed among Italian undergraduates
Cubico, Serena; Favretto, Giuseppe; Ardolino, Piermatteo; Formicuzzi, Maddalena

Dual motive theory and the economic modeling of John Nash
Duffy, Mikel A.; Cory, Gerald Augustus Jr.; Li, Liz Q.

The quality of life at a doctor’s work: A study in a university hospital cooperative
Dutra, Roseli de Fátima; Honório, Luiz Carlos; Jeunon, Ester Eliane

Including assessments in sustainable development indicators
Ericson, Torgeir

Russia: Free enterprise without entrepreneurs
Erzinkyan, Elmira

An evaluation of work-related stress risk through the integration of objective and subjective measures: The Q-Bo test and the V.I.S. method
Falco, Alessandra; Girardi, Damiano; Kravina, Luca; Dal Corso, Laura; De Carlo, Nicola

MIPE - An interactive museum of economic psychology in Brazil
Ferreira, Vera Rita M.; Lima, Iran Siqueira

Investing on mental accounting: A study about the mental accounting and health implications of overindebtedness
Fonseca, Patricia

Safety and sustainability in organizational contexts: Opportunities for intervention
Gorli, Mara; Scaratti, Giuseppe; Galuppo, Laura; DeCarlo, Alessandro; Barbieri, Barbara

Human capital and the need for the interdisciplinary approach
Kirovova, Iva

Multi-outcome lotteries: Prospect theory vs. relative utility
Kontek, Krzysztof

From maps of bounded rationality to maps of human psychology in behavioral economics: The case of attribution theory
Koutsobinas, Theodoros T.

Contract design and insurance fraud: An experimental investigation
Lammers, Frauke; Schiller, Jörg

Eat your vegetables: A field experiment design to compare asymmetrical paternalism versus command-and-control interventions to increase vegetable consumption in school cafeterias in Helsinki
Lankoski, Leena; Lombardini-Riipinen, Chiara Anna

Guilt aversion and redistributive politics: A moral intuitionist approach
Le Garrec, Gilles

Bottle it and they will come: Social influence on consumer decisions to purchase bottled water and mechanisms for sustainable behavioral change
Mahaffey, Amanda L.

How does anticipated disappointment shape the credit market in a Knightian environment?
Mendes, Cassandro

Psychological economics - economic psychology: The first steps of IAREP
Molt, Walter Fritz

Men among men don’t take norm enforcement seriously
Muren, Astri; Boschini, Anne; Persson, Mats

The economics of attitudes
Nagler, Matthew G.

The socio-emotional basis of human interaction and communication - A junction for interdisciplinary exchange
Scholl, Wolfgang

Social involvement and level of income among immigrants: New evidence from the Israeli experience
Siniver, Erez

Conscious and less conscious factors in preference and choice
van Raaij, W. Fred

Financial advice and consumer decision-making
Vlam, Anita J.; Franses, Philip Hans

Changing fields of rationality - A policy for reducing household energy consumption?
Westskog, Hege; Winther, Tanja; Strumse, Einar


Reciprocity in dictator games: An experimental investigation
Andreozzi, Luciano; Faillo, Marco

Intrafamily resource transfers and individual well-being among the Spanish elderly
Ateca-Amestoy, Victoria; Ugidos-Olazabal, Arantza

Attitudes related to money: A comparative study between undergraduate students in Belo Horizonte (Brazil)
Barros, Lousanne Cavalcanti; Jeunon, Ester Eliane; Barros, Sabrina Cavalcanti

Teenagers who combine school with economic activities: Perception and assessment of their experience
Benevene, Paula; Cortini, Michela; Sangiovanni, Allegra

Immigrants and their perception of social integration through work
Benevene, Paula; Pantanella, Federica

Influence of image as psychological construct on business effectiveness of financial institutions in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bevanda, Arnela; Mahmutovic, Hasan; Mabic, Mirela

The preference reversal phenomenon with a single lottery: A challenge to regret and prospect theories
Blondel, Serge; Levy-Garboua, Louis

Social representations of gender relations in Ukraine
Bondarevskaya, Irina Olegovna

Cashing in sweet memories: Organizational nostalgia increases willingness to volunteer for a group-supporting task
Bruder, Martin; Wildschut, Tim; Sedikides, Constantine; Robertson, Sara; Routledge, Clay

Shifting the weight between the self-enhancement and self-transcendence value dynamic: The role of contextualized sadness and disgust
Cheung, Wing

Consumers’ purchase decision making with regard to incongruent brand extensions
Choi, Jongsuk; Kim, Dae Sang; Kim, Jiyoun

The analyses of consumer evaluations on congruent and incongruent brand extensions using an eye-tracker
Choi, Jongsuk; Kim, Dae Sang; Moon, Yongsung

Idiosyncratic interpretation of "household” in expenditure surveys: Evidence and implications of bias
Comerford, David; Delaney, Liam

Persuasion bias in social networks: An experimental analysis
Corazzini, Luca; Pavesi, Filippo; Petrovich, Beatrice; Stanca, Luca

Penalty aversion effect in evaluation of egalitarian vs. meritocratic tax proposals
Dimdins, Girts; Montgomery, Henry

A dynamic Ellsberg urn experiment
Dominiak, Adam; Duersch, Peter; Lefort, Jean-Philippe

Psychological factors of banks’ competitiveness
Fil, Alena

The relationship between life satisfaction, happiness, and current mood
Gamble, Amelie; Gärling, Tommy

Money attitudes as factors influencing the relation between income and economical well-being
Gasiorowska, Agata; Wasowicz-Kirylo, Grazyna

Social comparison drives competition - But what drives the N-Effect?
Hagen, Anna Linda; Garcia, Stephen M.; Avishalom, Tor

What’s attitude got to do with it? Consumer demand for biofuels
Hassett, Katherine; Teisl, Mario; Noblet, Caroline; McCoy, Shannon

The experimental determination of the negative media message influence and of the personal perception upon the money value/sources on the entrepreneurial tendency at youngsters in the context of global economical crisis
Iordanescu, Eugen; Marcu, Gabriela; Iordanescu, Cornelia

Types of education managers in relation to their attributes critical for innovative change management in educational organizations
Karamushka, Liudmyla; Ivkin, Vladimir

Activity of the theory-of-mind network in the brain predicts bias in ultimatum decision
Kim, Hack Jin; Park, Ha Yeon; Kim, Ji Sun; Choi, Hyun Duk

Distinctive psychological features of formation of energy supplying company managers’ reserve
Kolomiets, Olena

Correlations between terminal and instrumental values as factors of interpersonal regulation in work processes of organizations of production sphere
Korol, Olga

Money attitudes in ethno-cultural groups
Korotkina, Elena Dmitrievna

Influence of the optimism effect on decision making for investment by Russian financial managers
Kosheleva, Sofia Vladimirovna; Zavyalova, Elena; Lukyanova, Anna

Analysis of job stress levels and coping strategies in construction organization managers
Kozybai, Natalya

Investigation of entrepreneurs’ psychological readiness for professional activity in the sphere of trading business
Kredentser, Oksana

Economic and psychological problems of conducting business negotiations in trade business
Lagodzinska, Valentyna

Organizational change management in the time of crisis
Lesko, Lidija; Klepic, Zdenko; Mabic, Mirela

Why so few women economists? An identity model of women’s underrepresentation in economics
Lombardini-Riipinen, Chiara Anna

The effects of job insecurity on consumers’ behaviors and life projects
Lozza, Edoardo; Libreri, Chiara; Bosio, A. Claudio

To the family, everything: Women in dual career marriage and the usage of money
Meirelles, Valeria Maria; Souza, Rosane Mantilla

Non-cooperative tax decisions of local representatives: The contribution of economic psychology
Morer, Myriam; Ansel, Dominique; Girandola, Fabien

State administration employees’ team-role orientations and their correlations with positions and gender
Mykhailenko, Victoria

Economic deprivation during unemployment
Norvile, Natalija; Cesniene, Ilona

A pluralistic analysis of housing renovation decisions
Peng, Ti-Ching

Are long-term incentive plans an effective and efficient way of motivating senior executives?
Pepper, Sandy Alexander; Gore, Julie; Crossman, Alf

An experimental analysis of the AK model of growth
Ponzano, Ferruccio; Ricciuti, Roberto

Management style in project groups. Effectiveness and satisfaction of participative and autocratic teams
Pyrkosz, Joanna; Zmuda, Grzegorz

Compensatory and addictive buying behavior: Who actually cares about the economic crisis?
Raab, Gerhard; Reisch, Lucia A.; Unger, Alexander

Third party punishment game with multiple observers: The power of social sanctions in the enforcement of social norms
Riyanto, Yohanes Eko; Zhang, Jianlin

Food consumer behavior, lifestyle, and health condition of families and their children attending primary school in Milan
Russo, Vincenzo; Castelli, Luciana; Sciangula, Cinzia; Milani, Laura Emma

Microfinance customer protection: An interdisciplinary approach to analyzing and avoiding the overindebtedness of microfinance clients
Schicks, Jessica

Endowment effect in evaluation of labor
Schurr, Amos; Mellers, Barbara; Ritov, Ilana

A typology of Austrian self employed taxpayers based on motivational postures
Schwarzenberger, Herbert; Muehlbacher, Stephan; Kirchler, Erich

Distinctive features of educational organization heads’ career development under social-economic changes
Snigur, Liudmyla; Snigur, Olena; Khyzhniak, Olekcii; Khyzhniak, Zhanna

Brands can change your mind: The effects of incongruence between perceived product quality and brand value on product evaluation
Sung, Young Shin; Chung, Sun Joo; Kang, Seung Ha; Min, Seung Kee

Level-k analysis of experimental centipede games
Takizawa, Hirokazu; Kawagoe, Toshiji

Deterrence effects of audit sampling rules: An experimental study
Tan, Fangfang; Yim, Andrew

Globalization and international labor markets: Economic historical precepts from 1990-2008
Ukpere, Wilfred I.

Risk-taking and ego depletion - The role of gender and risk proclivity
Unger, Alexander; Goll, Apollonia

Rule-based versus individual solidarity - An experimental investigation
Vogel, Claudia; Bolle, Friedel; Liepmann, Hannah

The peculiarity of Russian teenagers’ attitude toward money
Zavyalova, Elena; Posokhova, Svetlana

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