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Increasing mental health in managers and organisations: how to improve transcultural skills

Management Psychology: International organizations are in need of an internal and an external diversity focus. Transcultural competences can support the efficiency in diverse organisations with regard to human resource management and the managing of interrelationships of the internal personnel as well as external customers, clients and suppliers. To make diverse teams work effectively and successfully, it is important that team members develop transcultural skills, Dr. Claude-Helene Mayer and Dr. Christian Martin Boness emphasize. The psychologists published the manual "Creating mental health across cultures - Coaching and training for managers".

Transcultural competences include:

  • Dissimilarity openness is required to appreciate cultural differences
  • Individuals with a higher emotional intelligence and competence deal with stress in a calmer way and avoid counterproductive activities
  • Transcultural communication competence is critical for transcultural competence since cultural knowledge, language and non-verbal communication are highly important to both managing differences and coding and decoding messages
  • Tolerance for ambiguity is a significant cross-cultural competence which supports individuals in managing ambiguous situations without requiring additional (objective) information
  • Cultural understanding supports trust-building and strengthens communication effectiveness
  • Information processing skills are important with regard to cross-cultural information processing attitudes and cognitive styles
  • Conflict management skills impact greatly on the success of individuals and the organisational outcome
  • Self-management skills are likely to improve cross-cultural interactions.

Claude-Helene Mayer and Christian Martin Boness wrote a manual that aims at developing health oriented management practices which focus on individual and organisational well-being. It is a manager´s Handbook towards a successful and healthy leadership mindset.

Claude-Helene Mayer, Christian Martin Boness: Creating mental health across cultures - Coaching and training for managers. Pabst, 276 pages, ISBN 978-3-89967-839-0