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New Methodological Issues in Educational Large-Scale Assessments

Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling: Educational Large-Scale Assessments are objects of a growing and highly active area of research. The Journal Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling 4/2016 publishes four papers highlighting the diversity of challenges while simultaneously introducing potential solutions. The authors, all established experts in the field of Large-Scale Assessments, demonstrate exciting new ways of handling the transition to computer-based testing, maintaining maximum measurement precision, and dealing with missing data.

Particular efforts are being made regarding the analysis and interpretation of corresponding results. On the one hand, Large Scale Assessments provide an invaluable pool of rich data that allow for the application of complex methods to answer empirical research questions that cannot be addressed by smaller-scale studies. On the other hand, the adequate use and interpretation of these data pose unique methodological challenges. These may include issues as diverse as dealing with assessment instruments in different languages and their applicability across different cultures, establishing measurement invariance between these different assessment conditions, handling missing data, figuring out how to reduce the long computation times that are needed for complex analyses, or figuring out how to use process data in computer-based assessments.

Matthias Stadler, Samuel Greiff, Sabine Krolak-Schwerdt (Guest Editors): Current Methodological Issues in Educational Large-Scale Assessments, Part I. In: Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling 4/2016