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Intensive connections between auditory and social intelligence

"Social and Auditory Intelligence are promising constructs that have not to be subsumed under the label of inflationary constructs. The unique components of the constructs, social understanding, nonverbal auditory intelligence, and auditory social/ emotion perception are narrower than expected," Dr. Kristin Seidel emphasizes in her study "Assessment of Social and Auditory Intelligence - New Perspectives and Approaches".

How are social and auditory intelligence conneced? "The most direct and obvious means of communication between people is spoken language. People impart social information not only through the content, but also in the way things are said. The voice helps to reveal if someone is lying or telling the truth, if speakers feel sympathy or antipathy for each other, and if the implicit message correspondents to its content. Effective interpersonal relationships and social performance require that individuals accurately decode nonverbal expressions and emotions in other people.

Auditory communication has major importance for work settings like telephone conselling and other situations in which the interaction concentrates on the auditory channel and the persons´s emotional state has to be recognized. Auditory abilities play an important role in basic tasks, for example within conversations or while listening to the radio... Better auditory discrimination and memory abilities should lead to the better pronounciation, ensure a quicker and more accurate acquisition ..."

Kristin Seidel: Assessment of Social and Auditory Intelligence - New Perspectives and Approaches. Pabst, 324 pages, ISBN 978-3-89967-522-1